Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy BiRthday MA....!

Today is my beloved MOWMAH’s birthday! Haiz, how I wish she was still here with us. It’s been 13 yrs since mowmah left us to be with GOD. Today could have been her 54th birthday… I miss mowmah soooo much!!! I know our life could have been better and happier if mowmah is still here. It’s very difficult not to have mother while growing up. I envy those who still have mothers… But then I still thank God for Papa. Even without mowmah around, he managed to raise us well…

All I can do now is to imagine mowmah blowing the candles while we are all singing Happy Birthday… (Sigh)

Ma, is there a cake in heaven? Does God allow parties there?

Whaaaa… I can’t keep my tears from fallin’… I hope that you’re happy today Ma… I know we’ll see each other again,… in time. How I wish I can hug you right at this very moment. We all miss you and we love you soomuch!

our family pic when i was 1 yr old

our bunso (lhet) nd my first nephew (baby GAB)

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