Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Miss this!

I‘ve known people who did not ever get the love they needed from their mothers. Their mothers are still living, yet they have little or no dealings with one another. Special occasions come and go – not a single word is spoken. The child grows, but is stunted because they never experienced how is it like to be loved by mother. I really miss those times when me and my siblings gets lots of hugs and kisses and sharing sweet snacks and laughing at old jokes and riddles with MAMA. The love of my mother, even I was a kid then, made me know that life is worth living, and that I could accomplish things if I wanted to. I had what it took – I just had to perform. And if I failed, it’s ok… because Mama loves me. Even though she’s no longer with us, I say ‘loves’, not ‘loved’. Present tense. She lives in our hearts because of all the time she gave us even if that was short and the love she lavished upon us. She died when I was still young. But I remember that love, and it carries me to where I am today. One day, when we are reunited in God’s New World, I will tell you “MA” of all the things that had happened to me, my siblings, and PAPA long after you were captured by your last Enemy (cancer). I feel bad for those who have missed out a mother’s love. But there’s still a chance. If you still have mothers with you, tomorrow can be the perfect moment to show to your moms your love. And I’m very sure that it’ll definitely be appreciated and your MOwMAh’s will truly be happy!

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