Friday, May 16, 2008

for YOU!

Every one of us has something we want to hide from our society, something to hide from the people we meet everyday. Sometimes we even pretend to be someone we are not just to hide things we find to be embarrassing and please the people around us. We pretend to be okey. Some pretends to be rich just to be idolized for their money. Still, some pretend to be kind, happy, and some pretends to be healthy. Some pretends to be like a saint as if he/she’s so modest and reserved.

In this world, everyone wears their own masks. Even children can say they had a great time at school with a broad smile despite the fact that someone’s bullying them. A husband would say his meeting went well with a smile as he kiss his wife, even if not. A sick friend or relative would pretend that his okey, for his loved ones not to be worried until it turned to be obvious that his not when the illness he’s been hiding started claiming his health physically. A poor man who’d fall in love to a rich woman would wear fine clothes and pretend to be one. A coping new writer will tell stories of greatest writing achievements to impress freelancers in front of her, pretending to be among them.

We might not even notice it, but we all wear mask almost everyday, to cover our true selves from others, pretending to be what we are not. But is it right to wear mask even to your most concerned friends? Yes, all of us are wearing different kinds of masks based on the situation and people we are dealing with. And we all have reasons for that. But aren’t you getting tired? The mask used by clowns has to be taken off every night before they take a rest, so too does the personality mask, so take off that mask. Take a rest from pretending, it’s tiring. The world won’t hurt you friend…

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