Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reminiscing the old times….A new found friend – Melai

When I was in elementary… I already love adventures! When our teacher asks if who’s willing to join girl scouting… I would instantaneously shout… “ako po mam”.. thinking that we will surely have a camping and mountain climbing. (yahooooo…). One of the funniest and stupid acts which I have done during our girl scouting in elementary is joining with boys…. Yeah…really! Hahahaha…Our teacher told us that girls are not allowed to join the camping that year since there is a limited number of girls who registered. (This was on the 6th grade)…Since it was our last year to join the camping… even with the prohibition of our teacher, me and six of my friends joined with the boys! Hilarious right?? wehehehe … And when our teacher found out… he talked with my friends parents and advised to bring us home (good thing… we live on a quite distant place where phone signal was not available then…hahaha) I was saved! . I know for a fact that papa will definitely be mad at me… so what I did was to have a sleep over on my friends place… hahaha… It was when I reached high school that I had the guts to reveal it to papa and with my siblings.

My desire for adventurous and thrilling activities has never subsided even as I reached high school. If there will be any activities that concerns, camping, mountain climbing, and even outreach programs, I always assure that I’m one of the participants. With this, I was able to go to different places here in the province and even outside... sad to say, when we are supposed to be sent in Mindoro I was not able to join…huhuhu, (it so happened that it was our final examination. And as a graduating student then, I should prioritize my academics. (waaaahhhhhh…) Anyway, the most unforgettable experience of my girl scouting during high school is when I was chosen to be one of the delegates representing Legazpi. It was a National Jamboree, and there were so many delegates. I happened to mingle with other delegates from Legazpi coming from different schools. It was indeed a worth remembering experience most especially our mountain trekking… Our guide was a hunk… kiliiigg!! Hahaha (aki pa sana duratooon na….nyahahaha)

Well, I remembered these things because of MELAI… when we were in high school, we know each other only by name and for a fact that we were in the same school and we were both active in girl scouting. I was a year older than her. We also talk but not that often. But now that we’re working in the same company, it is indeed a pleasure knowing her better. We share so many things most especially on heart matters. Hahaha… As our conversation starts, time runs so swiftly. Whew! We’ve got so many stories to tell. I’m really enjoying it. She seems to be more mature than I…. hehe

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