Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gift-Giving Project- A success

Its been a month and a day now since we had our gift-giving project. I’m very eager to have it posted here, but December was indeed a very busy month for me…. At long last, I will be posting it now…

Supposedly, we were 9 or I guess 10 who will be joining the said activity in Padang, Legazpi City last December 23, 2007. (I don’t know actually if who is the proponent of this project, I’m just a volunteer. Hehehe…) However, on the date itself, only 6 of us made it (me, arcee, ruth, annie and two staffs from inquirer; eph and Jamie). We were able to help three families on the said Barangay and more or less 20 individuals that include street children, aged and handicapped. We were able to give them grocery items (good enough for their day to day consumption and “noche-buena”) and used clothing. As we had our conversation with them, I am deeply touched by their stories. Despite of what happened to their lives due to typhoon reming most especially those living in Padang, and the starving stomachs of beggars on the streets, still they are all surviving and doesn’t loose hope. I suddenly thought that I am indeed blessed with the family and friends that I’ve got, comfortable shelter to stay at and enough resources for a living….

Well, the project turned out to be a success which is indeed beyond our expectation. Thus, we would like to thank all of the warm-hearted individuals who unselfishly shared their blessings. Through you, we became instruments in bringing hope and joy to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Because of the success of this gift-giving project and knowing that there are still good souls who are always willing to extend their help…it doesn’t end here. We hope that you will again support us in our succeeding projects…. Merci :)

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