Friday, April 11, 2008

Complexities of LOVE

Love is the biggest oxymoron of all. How is it an oxymoron? Well, let us see…

Oxymoron is a figure of speech that entails two normal but contradicting facts. In a way, oxymoron is also like an ironic situation or statement.

A great poet once authored a loving and very ironic piece on love being an oxymoron, all the while enumerating the many reasons why people keep falling.

According to this poet, people basically keep falling because of the many ironies of love. We fall only when we start standing up for love. We fall only when we start climbing the mountainous complexities of love. That is how love is an oxymoron. Because whatever you say about it, no matter how different they are, would always stay true. It is hard to explain, yet it’s easy enough to understand.

It is easy to fall in love; however it is also hard to be in love. We seem to easily fall in love with someone who would not even give us the time of day but cannot find the a place in our heart to give a chance to a person who seems to love us so much and would do anything for us.

You do not know how love works because it is too confusing but yet you understand its inner workings in your heart and life.

When we fall in love, we find it irritating that people who does not necessarily approve of our relationship with the other person, keeps bugging us with reasons why we fell in love. But in the end we keep telling them, that we do not have any reason why we fell in love, we just know that we do. But when someone really supportive of our relationship asks why we fell in love with a certain person, we easily enumerate the many reasons why we love that person.

It’s funny that when we fall in love, we try to tell the other person that we love them for what they are and change would not be necessary. Then again on the course of the relationship itself, we make simple comments about how much of a slob the other person is, or how she does not make an effort to look pretty. And when this argument is brought up (about not changing) the most common reason we hear is that I am not trying to change you, I just want you to be a better person. Is becoming a better person quintessential to both parties?

Even those who faithfully pursued their beloved feel the irony of love. After endless days of hoping and praying for the day that the other person will feel the same way, the magical time comes and they become blissful. For the first time the sun seems to shine from the perfect spot, the wind seems to blow with just the right breeze... they now feel how blissfully wonderful it is to be alive, yet they feel that they could die any moment too.

And when we are really in love, the simple things affect us in simple ways. We say that the immensity of the problem, however miniscule the problem is, makes it unbearable for us to continue with the relationship. Nevertheless, when our partner apologizes and promises to change for the nth time, we tell ourselves and everyone around us, that there is nothing that we cannot handle.

And when one is just about done with the many hurt that love has brought upon their lives, suddenly love twists it all around and the almost perfect significant other comes cruising to your life.

But the funniest and weirdest part of falling in love would have to be how love can make us all knowing and stupid at the same time. For many of us, we could not even begin to start counting the countless times that we spent handing out advices to friends and people close to us about their love problems, but when it finally happens to us, we find ourselves, lost for words.

Even the geniuses are baffled with love, because as much as love is an oxymoron, sometimes it causes us to be morons. It is funny but also sad and

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