Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7 kinds of PRIDE

I’ve read this from one of the forums that my friend introduced to me. I know that this can help well for your reflection. Promiz!

There are seven kinds of pride: uninhibited, wounded, procrastinating, uncaring, sulking, pious, and quiet.

1. The uninhibited pride is a kind of pride that tries to make one self look good on the outside, but the inside is as rotten as an apple in the trash heap. One is all show no substance.

2. Wounded pride is a kind of pride that aims too high or expects something too much and once failure comes we are very hurt and we don’t want to accept our fault.

3. Procrastinating pride is a kind of pride that puts off anything till it’s too late. This kind of pride hinders us to change for the best.

4. Uncaring pride is a kind of pride that keeps us preoccupied and unconcerned for others. We wish to be all on our own comfort. And when trouble comes we are hurt.

5. Sulking pride is the kind of pride that makes us feel we are truly self-sufficient, preventing us from asking help. The down side is, because we feel superior we push people away and when we are faced with troubles we are hurt that they are away.

6. Pious pride is a kind of pride that hampers our view of the self. We feel we are free from defects, or even worse free from sin. We also tend to show off our good works to please the crowd (just like the Pharisees in Jesus' time).

7. Quiet pride is the pride that tends to parade all the achievements we were able to attain. This makes us feel invulnerable to failure and loss. And usually, they also think they know everything.


Anonymous said...

This Hits all people- Saint and Sinner; When we feel that we have control over this area of life we just need to Cry out to the Lord for forgiveness... Thank-You

Forever Learning said...

Well said that this effects EVERYONE. Hmm. 7 deadly sins, 7 faces of pride. Such an evil thing it is indeed, and the worst thing about it is that it makes itself seem normal. it makes itself appear simply as a part of you. It's hard to recognize for what it really is. It's an evil filthy rock disguised as a gem, just like Satan himself. I know some of these types have been troubling me lately. I hope to take some steps away from them before falling too far. It's easy to do, but recognizing that it's there is the first step. From then on, pray for help and do what you can to work on it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment. As a parent I suggested to my daughter that an issue for her was pride. However, she did not agree. Three days later the Holy Spirit led me to question how many types of pride are there. This is when I responded and was blessed. This helps me too, for I only knew of one kind of pride; for these findings I am grateful.

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