Friday, February 1, 2008

Get paid to blog with SMORTY

Writing has never been a passion for me way back before. Hence, as I grow older, it is only through writing that I can express all of my thoughts. And now, I got interested on blogging since this now serves as my way of expressing myself and relating it with others. It is not really my intention to get paid through my blogs. But as I surfed through the net, I found a very interesting site on which blogging can be a great source of income. And it is through smorty.

Well, to give you an idea, smorty is an on-line service that connects advertisers with the bloggers. Advertisers pay the ever self-motivated bloggers just by writing opinion posts and reviews. If you’ve got your own blog site, well, that can be your starting point in entering the world of easy-money blogging. The advertisers will provide keywords for you and anchor texts to be included on your blogs.

Aside from being paid out of blogging, your writing skills shall definitely be enhanced. Indeed, is a great site where thousands and even millions advertisers and bloggers can get connected with. So get paid to blog now!

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