Monday, December 17, 2007

Is it really???

It’s difficult to turn your back to someone whom you really want to be with. To let someone feel he/she is neglected when in fact he/she is important. To show someone that you don’t mind when in fact you care a lot. To avoid someone when you want to take a stolen glance. To treat someone as an ordinary being or acquaintance when in fact he/she is really special. To let someone realize that his/her presence is naturally welcome when actually, it brings extraordinary excitement. To say things contrary to what you feel and to laugh when you want to cry your heart out….. whewww!


Binoy said...

Well, basically it can be easy to turn your back on someone you care about. Unfortunately it involves losing something else in return. Whether you are willing to lose that or not is the question.

Anyway, nice blog. =)

yhen said...

Yeah, a very good uestion indeed, that keeps on lingering in my mind. duh! :D