Friday, December 14, 2007


December 11 was such a hard day for me. Aside from the backlogs I’ve got out of not working effectively due to sort of stuffs to be accomplished concerning my studies and laziness I guess, I’ve suffered from severe headache and fever. Gosh.. my head was terribly in pain that I have taken 3 capsules of bogessic and 1 bioflu the whole day. As such, I was not able to attend my class that evening for I decided to go home after work. Obviously, the following day, I was not able to work…. With much concern for myself of course, I went to the eye center for a check up. Guess, whaaattt??? My vision is no longer normal…huhuhu… 50 on my left eye and 100 on the right…(the most funny thing is that, when the Doctor’s attendant let me read the letters in front of me, I can no longer see it clearly. Instead of reading letter “B” I misinterpreted and read it as “E”..) hahahaha! wheeewww! And with number of tests, the Doctor found out that my right eye is very much irritated and there is already a scar on it. With that, I have to wear eyeglasses for my eyes’ protection and at the same time keep my eye from dryness and irritation with some sort of a liquid drops for every two hours… (haru jhusko!)

Hence, what really upset me is that, those whom I am expecting to text me, knowing they are my friends and ask if how I am doing that very day… did not even care to send a single message (sigh). Good thing, a close friend and a loved one asked if how I was doing. (At least, somebody cares for me though…) Haiz…, I was terribly disappointed. But for my consolation, another friend texted me late in the evenin. Nweiz, that’s what I’ve got from expecting too much from them. From now on I promise to myself that I will no longer pay too much concern for anybody, so when the time comes that I will need extra care and attention or comfort, I will no longer be disappointed. Haiz….

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