Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Letting go...

There is dignity in not giving up on someone you truly love. But there is more dignity in letting them go so they can experience better love. That shows your true love because you then become unselfish And through putting others first, unconditional love grows.

There is respect in fighting gallantly to win someone's heart another time but an even greater respect comes from fighting hard and knowing when to stop. Even though you would give anything to have the past back, that person has touched your life in a way that will make your future so much brighter.
Accept that, and hold your head high knowing you have captured their heart as well.

There is courage in allowing your heart to hurt and grieve but there is greater courage in knowing it will be scarredbut stronger as time goes on. For whoever caused those scars has made your life better in some way and it will make you a better person when you marry because of what the scars taught you.

Losing the person who meant the most in your life is a humbling experience, yet it is even more humbling if you allow it to run your life and forsake all you have been blessed with when you feel l ike you have lost your world.

Remember how many people depend on you and who you are the world to. There is fortitude in holding on for another chance although an even greater fortitude comes from extending your hand and heart in friendship, realizing you will still share things with that person no one else ever will.
You will always have the looks and jokes and memories. Don't ever discount how special those things are in your heart and theirs. True love hurts when it is lost but an even greater love grows inside you through realization that something better is in the world for both of you.

And that there are still things to share with that person, even though some feelings may have changed. Take their hand and help them achieve their hopes and dreams because in that there is dignity, respect, courage, humility, fortitude, and the unconditional love that will continue to grow in both of your hearts.

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karthi said...

Amen to that....
All the best in your life..