Wednesday, November 7, 2007

EYES ---> window to the soul

It is said that the eyes are window to the soul
Through the eyes, we are able to see
the Past, Present, and Future.

In the eyes of the elderly
we see often see knowledge and life,
Knowledge of things that were and the things that are yet to be.
We see life as it was, full of love and sorrow,
full of understanding, and yet innocence can likewise be seen.

In the eyes of the youth we can see tomorrow,
we can see their hopes and their dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.
Their fears of who they really are
And who they will be.

In the eyes of men we can see pride
and their need to be loved.
We see the burden of family
and the little boy who yearns to be free.
In the eyes of women we see determination
and the fear for world that is full of harsh realities.
We see a mother's love and a daughter's devotion.
We see passion, fire, and a pride from within.

Yes, the eyes are truly windows to the soul
hence just like any window....
there's will always be a difference
each time you look from within.

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