Monday, February 1, 2010

Opposites Attract

It was in college when I first met him. He was the introvert, I was the extrovert. He was somewhat “baduy” while I was fashion conscious. He is so silent, I was very talkative. He was reserved while I was so loud. He usually sits at the back, while I’m always sitted in front. He hates social gatherings while I enjoy the crowd.

In our psychology class way back in freshmen, we were seated alphabetically arranged. He was at my back. One time, he didn’t bring his book with him, as kind as I am, I shared my book with him. No malice at all. He’s not my type anyway. Then, our classmates began to tease us. I got so irritated that I wouldn’t want to sit in front of him. But I don’t have any choice, I have to sit there and bear with all my teaser classmates. Same scenario happened every psychology class, so I get used to it. 

February,.. love month… with love booths in the campus. A senior student just grabbed my hand forcing me to enter the booth. Quite excited but nervous as to who will be paired to me, I was really hesitant. When I saw who my pair was, I struggled to death just to escape. But to no avail… Ok, we were handcuffed reading sort of love/marriage vow… eeeewwwwe! I didn’t know then that he is observing my reactions. Good thing, it just lasted for about 5 min. whew! 

We were in sophomore when I learned from a friend that this guy has a crush on me. That he wanted to court me but he’s waiting for the right timing. Of all my classmates “bakit xa pa?… duh!” – that’s what my reaction was. After biology class, he approached me saying “pwede ka makauron?” (can we talk?). I just said ok. Then and there, outside the classroom beside a tree, he told me that he likes me and he wanted to court me. I don’t know why I felt “kilig” … haha! As I said yes, then he began courting me. (maybe, I easily decided to let him court me because I was quite envy of my friends who do have boyfriends and fetch them after school, while I was left alone. Hmphft!)

After 6 months I guess,… He said “I love you” and asked me bout my feelings towards him, I said I love you too though I was really unsure bout my feelings. Haha (That was the day after Deedee’s bday, 02 April 2004, she invited our class for an overnight celebration at  Manhattan Beach Resort).

I can say that at first we were not the usual couples. It is my order not to let anyone in our class know about our relationship even my cousin who is our classmate. I told him that I do not want him sitting beside me in our classroom, EVER!. And PDA is strictly prohibited. And so he obeyed… But after a month I decided to tell it to my friends. They won’t believe it… they were really so shocked! 

1….2…3…4…5…...years passed, with lots of misunderstandings and struggles in our relationship, yet love never fades. I have learned to love him this much. Our opposite personalities helped a lot to strengthen our relationship. Indeed OPPOSITES ATTRACT.


White Card said...

I really love what you write here. Cute love story. :)

Marvin Larson said...

Nice story. I enjoyed reading it.

Marvin Larson
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