Thursday, December 4, 2008

Presents for CHRISTMAS..

Holiday season is fast approaching. As early as now, almost all are busy going to malls and shop for presents for their loved ones while some are just enjoying their window shopping, eyeing for prospected gifts. I myself have observed number of shoppers in the mall. When I went to megamall last sunday, I've felt the excitement of every person in the mall. Some did go for signatured items while some settled their attention to typical stuffs that could fit in to their budget. (I was one of them... lol!) Though our economy is not doing that well, it doesn't show much when you go out . You'll absolutely see people with many shopping bags. See, how spendthrifts Filipinos are! hehehe...

As of this very moment, i can't help but to think of what the best gifts will be, which i could give to my loved ones. I have already bought papa a cp early this December and with great excitement, i already handed it out to him, but I cannot evade giving him a present for christmas. See how generous i am?!! :D Would that be alright if i'll give him rubber shoes?? hmmm... think think think.. How about bag for my step mom,.. sporty shirt for my brother? Blouse for my eldest sister,... pants for my other sister... jacket for the youngest... and toys, toys, more toys and educational stuffs for my beloved nephew...!!!?? How about for my partner!! ?? Do i have to stick with the usual thing that i give him.. the undying SHIRT... Name a brand, and he'll surely have it.... hehehe... CAn someone help me though to decide on this one??? And for my "inaanaks" and my best buds,.. you're next on the list... chillax... LOL!

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