Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have you ever been disappointed with how you live your life at this very moment? Or have you ever compromised your work or studies in order to pursue your personal goal and fail in the end? Well, these are just but some of the so-called complexities in life.

Though there are no really complexities in life for this only resides in our mind, it is sometimes very difficult to understand. There are unwanted things that happen on which we feel so worried about and felt like it is very difficult to deal with and think that it is a great suffering. Landing on a decision is very difficult for there are lots of things to be considered. We tend to weigh things all together that makes us even more confused. Haiz… I am deeply challenged with the decision I have to make this time… I just hope that whatever decision I make, it will turn out well. And if complexities come, I can just rub ‘em off my shoulders easily!... hehe (thinking positively!)

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