Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reason(s) behind...

Its difficult to turn your back to someone whom you really want to be with. To let someone feel he is neglected when in fact he is important. To show someone that you don’t mind when in fact you care a lot. To avoid someone when you want to take a stolen glance. To treat someone as an ordinary being when in fact he is really special. To let someone realize that his presence is naturally welcome when it brings extraordinary excitement. To say things contrary to what you feel and to laugh when you want to cry your heart out.


These are the things that drive me to have an account here. It is indeed difficult to hide your true feelings for someone whom you really love. But then, it is quite alright to do so if you think that you'll be hurting someone else. I'm not the type of person whom others think to be as an easy go lucky. Many would see me to be always smiling, giggling and laughing. Well, it is just one of my defense mechanisms to hide what is really within me. It is very difficult to wear a mask. But then, on this way, everyone around me is happy.

Writing my thoughts can be one of my great avenues to feel relieved at least for once. I no longer tell lots of stories to my friends most especially on heart matters for they might say, "oh well, here she goes again, duh!" Pathetic, isn't it?

But then, it is not only heart matters on which i'm going to post here. Anything under the sun will do. As long as it catches my interest. hehehe

GOODLUCK on my adventure here in the blogger world! Eheh

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